NK Teams 2021

Saturday the 27th of November 2021 we are organizing the ‘Open Dutch Team Championships’.    


After a break of a year, we can finally host the Open Dutch Team Championships (NK Teams from here on) again.
The discipline kumite will look the same as two years ago. A team needs to consist of three participants, one below 1,65m and two above 1,65m. It is allowed to have one spare participant for each class. A team can register for the tournament with just two participants instead of three, but one match will be lost by 6-0 by default.
The discipline kata has been slightly changed from two years ago. The team will now consist of two members instead of three.


Each contestant will fight a match of 2,5 minutes under the WNA kumite regulations. Each team will fight three matches. The order of the matches follows the order of the contestants on the registration form. This order will be followed throughout the entire tournament and will be checked before every match. The team that has won the most matches will eventually win. If the amount of matches won is identical, then the amount of waza-aris and ippons will count as well. The team may have one spare player per class and one coach. The spare player may be used once per tournament and this needs to be made clear before the match starts. The spare player will take the spot of the previous player and this will remain so until the end of the tournament.

As mentioned before the discipline kata has been slightly changed. The team will consist of two participants, length and/or age do not matter, as long as they are both members of the same club.
There are three different katas to compete in; Link kata 1-2, Competition kata and Kata Shodan.
Link kata 1-2 will be performed by participants that hold a yellow or orange belt.
The Competition kata can be performed by participants that hold a degree up to and including brown belt.
Kata Shodan can be performed by participants that hold a degree of green belt and up.
It is possible to enrol for two katas, as long as you comply with the belt requirements. For example, somebody with an orange belt may enter in the divisions Link kata 1-2 and Competition kata.


The katas will be judged under the Kata and Freestyle regulations of the WNA. In the case of a jury of four members, the highest and the lowest score will be discarded. In the case of a jury of three members, only the lowest score will be discarded. The team with the highest points will win in their class. If more teams have an equal score, the scores of all the members of the jury will count towards the total.

The following details are important for registering and participating in the tournament:


Date: Saturday the 27th of November 2021
Location: Sportcentrum Waspik / Wilhelminastraat 2, 5165TJ Waspik
Registration deadline: 13th of November 2021
Participation fee: €30,- per team Kumite
€20,- per team Kata

Cash on the day of the tournament before it commences


The payment must be equal to the registration form. The registration form is leading!

Entrance fee spectators: €5,- (free if one is in possession of a valid WNA passport)
Coach: Per club one coach gets free entrance
Requirement: A valid WNA passport (payment has been done for 2021, will be checked by the WNA administration)
Hall opens: 09.15
Measurement: 09.30 – 09.50
Start of the tournament: 10.00
  Regulations NK Teams 2021-EN.pdf


For the proper preparation of the tournament, the registrations must be done on time. The registration has to be done through an online registration form. The final deadline will be the 13th of November 2021. After that, it is not possible to register. The link to the form will be sent by e-mail.
Registrations will not be accepted if the online registration form is not used!

We look forward to seeing everybody with a sportive enthusiasm on Saturday the 27th of November in Waspik and wish everybody good luck with the preparations! 

Event Information

Event Date 27-11-2021 | 10:00
Event End Date 27-11-2021 | 17:00
Cut off date 13-11-2021 | 23:55
Individual Price €30,- team Kumite | €20,- team Kata
Attachment Reglement NK Teams 09-2021.pdf